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2 juillet 2013 2 02 /07 /juillet /2013 13:55

RIP ( Routing Information Protocol ) is the next step to go farer into dynamic IPv6 networking. RIPng builds on the foundations of RIPv2, but adds IPv6 support. RIPng stands for ' RIP next generation '




Like RIPv2, RIPng is a distance-vector routing protocol. It is based on hop count, and thus make nodes choose the shortest path hop-count-wise. The limit is 15 hops, so the network size musn't exceed this limit.


some important notes :


RIPng doesn't support updates authentication ( while RIPv2 does )

RIPng doesn't allow arbitrary tags on routes, neither next-hop encoding ( while RIPv2 does )


RIPng is multicast using the multicast group ff02::9 ( all RIP Routers link-local )



RIPng implementation on a small network


( to be completed as soon as I receive my two RIPng capable IPv6 routers )


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