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28 juin 2013 5 28 /06 /juin /2013 13:47

After having seen IPv6 default gateway advertisement in the previous post, we will now have a look at IPv6 route advertisement.


Effectively, RA ( Router Advertisement ) provides a way for hosts and routers to announce and publish known routes.

Let's see three practical exemples, using the last setup of the Static IPv6 Networking :




[ G ] ::/48 is our /48 prefix. Out of this we create 3 subnets, [ G ]:1::/64, [ G ]:2::/64 and [ G ]:3::/64.

The two network routers are consumer-grade IPv6 routers ( DLink DIR 626-L in this case ), the Windows OS Router can be any Windows client or server edition. Let's see the network map again :




Router 2 and OS Router 1 default gateway is Router 1. All the hosts default gateway are obvious.

So for full hosts connectivity, we need :


Router 2 to advertise the [ G ]:2::/64 subnet to Router 1

OS Router 1 to advertise the [ G ]:3::/64 subnet to Router 1




Consumer-grade network router


So we need Router 2 advertise to Router 1 its knowledge of [ G ]:2::/64, so we don't have to setup a static route in Router 1.


 ( to be continued )

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