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28 juillet 2014 1 28 /07 /juillet /2014 21:30

We'll be seeing here Ethernet, and the great 802.x Family.

Layer 2 networking Part 2 : Ethernet and the 802.x Family

1. Introducing the Ethernet Family

Ethernet is a technology based on shared medium usage. Its foundation is CSMA/CD ( Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection ).


There are actually 4 Ethernet types :

. Ethernet v1 : The original ethernet, now depracated

. Ethernet v2 : Evolution from Ethernet v1, In use

. IEEE 802.x + LLC

. IEEE 802.x + LLC + SNAP


Ethernet v1 was published in 1980. Ethernet v2 was published in 1982.

IEEE 802.3 was published in 1983.

IEEE 802.x is a formal standardization effort of Ethernet v1 and v2.


Nowadays, both Ethernet v2 and 802.x are used. In the case of cable-Lan, Home consummers products usually preffer to use the Ethernet v2 Frame, as it is less CPU intensive.

IEEE 802.x is never used alone, but with LLC ( 802.2 ) or LLC + SNAP ( 802.2 + SNAP )


Why am I using 802.x instead of, say, 802.3 : Because the Ethernet family is vast, and encompasses different technologies. Here are some examples :

802.3 = Cable ( Ethernet cable )

802.11 = Wifi

802.15.1 = Bluetooth


Let's sum-up all this in a chart :

Layer 2 networking Part 2 : Ethernet and the 802.x Family

Let's complete this chart with some known protocols :

Layer 2 networking Part 2 : Ethernet and the 802.x Family

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